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1:35 Corrugated Iron

FL35  1:35  Corrugated iron  £4.50

FL50  1:35  Roof tiles  £4.50

FL51  1:35  Slate roof tiles  £4.50

Formed in 0.25mm white polystyrene, this has realistic slight dents and has many uses in diorama building. Sheet size is 360mm x 185mm.

1:35 Zimmerit


FL30  1:35  Coarse Zimmerit and gun mantlet shapes. This is the most common type of zimmermit used by the Germans, often seen on Tiger tanks.  £5.00

FL31  1:35  Waffle pattern Zimmerit and gun mantlet shapes  £5.00

FL32  1:35  Panther family tile pattern Zimmerit  £5.00

Zimmerit was a cement like substance used by the Germans in WW2 to stop Allied mines from adhering to their tanks. It was textured in a variety of ways - three of which we have replicated in ultra-thin plastic. Our Zimmerit is formed in 0.25mm matt white polystyrene and is ultra-flexible - it can easily be bent around a pencil. It can be readily "battle damaged" and is easily attached to the tank with liquid polystyrene cement. Each sheet is sufficient for one tank

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