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All kits come with white metal accessories and are 1:72 scale
All display models constructed by William Ruscoe

FK001 FFK01  I.A.R. 80 WW2 Rumanian fighter

The only native Rumanian fighter of WW2, some continued to serve after the war.

FK002 FK002  RUMPLER 6B1
German WW1 Sea-based naval fighter (with white meal parts)

The S6-B1 was a limited production seaplane designed to protect German Naval Air Bases.

FK003 FK003  Grumman xf5f-1 skyrocket
U.S. experimental naval fighter

An advanced concept, this prototype was ahead of its time and would give life to the Grumman F7F.

FK004 FK004  Ansaldo S.V.A.5 Primo Scout
WWI scout/recon fighter

Whilst a failure as a fighter, the S.V.A.5 found a use as a bomber and recon platform.

FK005 FK005  Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b

A successful series of aircraft that served with the British throughout the First World War acting as fighter, escort and bomber.

FK006 FK006  Fairchild Argus / Forwarder

A WW2 Allied transport aircraft.

FK007 FK007  Curtiss Seahawk

An observation aircraft of the late WW2 and Post-War period used by the USN.

FK008 FK008  Siemens-Schuckrt DI

Built as an answer to the Nieuport Scout, this German WW1 aircraft copied many aspects of the enemy plane.

FK009 FK009  Rogozarski IK-3

A promising Yugoslavian design cut short by the German invasion.


Conversion Kits

FC001AEW3 Gannet conversion for NOVO kit
FC002DH Vampire T.11 conversion for Novo Vampire kit
FC004Spitfire Fins and Floats. Converts Mk.V or Mk. XI Spitfires to seaplanes

All conversion kits are priced at £3.50

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